Visual Prayer

February 1-June1, 2021 (Virtual)

University of Minnesota Libraries,

Jay Phillips Center for Interreligious Studies, University of St. Thomas,

Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning, St. John's University

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December 23, 2020-February 28, 2021

"Prayer Wall" (Part of the "Visual Prayer Exhibit)

On display at the Hoedeman Gallery of Sacred Art in the 

Iversen Center for Faith, University of St. Thomas


May 2020 (Virtual)

Jewish Community Center, Minneapolis and St. Paul 

Prayer has been around since the beginning of time.  It is the human connection to a God personally and communally--acknowledging, blessing, asking, thanking, arguing and trying to find spiritual understanding of our existence from our birth to our death. Prayer has been expressed through music, poetry, dance and art. Visual prayer is the creative exploration and expression of prayer through images. Although this is a contemporary concept, there were illustrated and illuminated religious books from the 400 to 600’s CE through the medieval and Renaissance periods. Exploring prayer through different modalities allows us to express our thoughts and feelings creatively. By exhibiting together in our Interfaith Artist Circle, our goal is to find commonality and connectivity between religions and to appreciate and respect our similarities and differences in belief and self-expression. 

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