Interfaith Artist Wall

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Currently Exhibiting with Visual Prayer 


Special Exhibits


March 2020

Kol Ha'Ot Art Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

December 23, 2020-April 30, 2021

"Prayer Wall" (Part of the "Visual Prayer" Exhibit)

Physically on display at the University of St. Thomas,

Hoedeman Gallery of Sacred Art, Iversen Center for Faith

May 2020 (Virtual)

Jewish Community Center, Minneapolis and St. Paul 


During this time of religious and political conflict, Aimee Orkin felt inspired to create a collaborative work of art with the other members of our Circle as a way of bringing peace, beauty and positivity into the world. As a muralist, Aimee was excited to collaborate with the group to paint on a large piece of canvas. She created a canvas "wall" using architectural forms from three sacred prayer walls. She painted the back drop in ochre golds like the ancient limestone of the Jerusalem walls. To represent Judaism, she thought of the Western wall located in the old city of Jerusalem where Jews have gathered to pray, and to put written notes in its cracks. For the Christian inspiration, she chose forms from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem. To represent Islam, she chose the shape of a prayer niche called a Mihrab located in Iran.  She then invited the members of our Circle to create a piece of art to affix to the wall. Through this collaborative effort, Aimee hopes to show the our commitment to unity and connection, rather than to isolation and division. 

Aimee assembling artwork for display in a Jerusalem gallery
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Interfaith Artist Wall       Assembled Piece

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Individual Pieces: Up Close

   (beginning in top left corner)