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Kabbalah: Envisioning the Infinite

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Mar-Apr 2011: Sabes Jewish Community Center, St Louis Park, MN

Mar-Apr 2012: Adath Jeshurun Congregation, Minnetonka, MN

Nov-Dec 2012: North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park, MN

Jewish mystical thinking is known as Kabbalah—which literally means “to receive.”  According to Kabbalah, the true essence of God is Ein Sof—"without end." By beginning to study Kabbalah, we have entered a domain traditionally forbidden to men who are younger than age 40 and to all women.  And we have ventured on an impossible task—to express with visual images the mysteries of all things. Doing art is itself a mystical endeavor.  Our artworks in this exhibit are about light and windows, hidden meaning and a yearning for God, beginnings and no endings

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