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Who We Are

We are an informal group of women artists who create art on spiritual themes. An important component of the Circle is study. As we launch each theme, we study with distinguished scholars, whose teachings provide an important foundation in spiritual learning and inspire us as we create our individual works for each exhibit. We are grateful to the many scholars who have taught us, shared their insights and inspired our art. 


Each artist creates an original artwork for every theme.  Our art has been exhibited in over thirty exhibits, in many venues in and around the Twin Cities of Minnesota, with several exhibits on each theme. 

Former Member Artists

Rachel Breen
Natalie Halpern Eichen (deceased)
Bette Globus Goodman
Barbara (Boko) Kvasnik-Nunez (deceased)
Lynda Monick-Isenberg
Deanie Pass

Sharon Stillman
Liba Zweigbaum-Herman


We were originally established in 2005 as the Jewish Women Artists’ Circle, with a seed grant from Rimon, the Minnesota Jewish Arts Council, an initiative of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. 

In 2015, we invited artists from different faiths to exhibit with us on the theme of “Community.” Initially, this was supposed to be a temporary collaboration, just for one theme. But after working together, we decided to keep our association, and we became an interfaith art group.

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