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Life, Loss and Legacy

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Apr-May 2018: Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, MN

Sept-Nov 2018: Adath Jeshurun Congregation, Minnetonka, MN 

Jan 2019: St Marks Cathedral, Minneapolis, MN

June 2019: Unity Church Unitarian, St Paul, MN

Feb-Mar 2019: Saint Paul Jewish Community Center, St Paul, MN

The theme of “mortality” is intriguing for an interfaith group. Death and mourning are human and universal, but the rituals and theologies vary across religions. What we had not anticipated was how deeply personal this theme would become.  Over the year or so that we studied together and created our art, many of us experienced the deaths of people we loved. The art that we have created on the theme of “Life, Loss and Legacy” comes from these experiences: life in the face of death, loss and its bitterness, and the legacies that we want to pass on.

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